[4] やばぴーまん

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Kellogg (The cereal and the light meal manufacturer of American breakfast) excluded kind of every change in the marketing strategy for children in the anxiety to overweight. And it was stated some food that not bad, but there is a problem was about the calorie count and movement.
An American food company emphasizes a healthier product about whether developed development is responding to the increased anxiety to contribution of the processed food of how it's how much in overweight and marketing for children which makes an effort surfaced. David MacKay (Chief Financial Officer) spoke by a consumer analyst group of in New York annual meeting at Arizona, and said as follows: "All problems by overweight are a calorie really at the inside. And a calorie is outside. All that which also has no a few bad foods is about a balance." It was a cause of overweight and I kindled last month by certain resumption of a suit to MacDonald by the New York teenager who insisted on bad influence to health by eating chicken and chicken nugget. I promise that a craft and stop food marketing at school voluntarily, and they're less than 6 years old, I made children to concentrate attention in a problem by advertising and moving food promotion to 6-11 years old to a way of a more desirable item.Mr. MacKay said "Really, so many slips weren't much of the food which can be used." "When you talk with almost scientist who says that they're going to be contentious, I finally think. And they become a little emotional exactly." it was asked whether Kellogg changed the strategy of a promotion following a movement of a craft, and I said to gym and JENESU (highest officer) as follows:"Competition doesn't move to us are based on anything to do that." Kellogg and the main rival of a cereal of breakfast (Mills of General) introduce grains which contain all grains (including those at which children are aimed) into the top in last step-by-step year. Mr. JENESU told as follows: "A child was also eating our products for ten years. It's interested in our making it certain to offer an option to something a child may desire and something by which their mother may wish that they eat." That gave industry "the framework we could innovate, and it was possible to change a product, and it's possible to advertise them in which", so Steve Demeritt (vice-president of Mills of General) said that a guideline of a recent meal from Washington was useful.

[3] やば2

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Kellogg Co. (American breakfast cereal and light meal maker) excluded any change in the marketing strategy to children in concern for the obesity yesterday. And I said that a problem was about calorie intake and exercise (not "bad food"). I emphasize the development how you meet the concern that increased for the contribution of some processed foods for obesity and marketing to children by a highlight doing the effort that the U.S. food company develops a healthier product. I talked in the consumers analyst group of the meeting in Arizona in New York annual, and David Mackay (chief financial officer) said as follows: The concern for the role of "the all the problems due to the obesity were calories really inside, and and all balances as for it that a calorie was the outside, and there was not little bad food." obese food company in contributing flared up by some resumption of epoch-making suit for McDonald's by the New York teenager who insisted when a fast food company treated a health benefit to eat chic...

[2] やばび

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マーケティング担当のKen Powellという行政の悪評高い代表はこう言っている。「子供向けシリアルの広告はとても良いことで、より広告していきたいと私たちは思っている。子供の25パーセントは朝、何も食べずに家を出ていってしまっている。」


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